Friday, March 25, 2011

My Cloud 9

Ever been to cloud 9 of love? I have...

Once upon a time...

I forget to eat, when I'm on cloud 9
I forget to sleep, when I'm on cloud 9
I forget everyone, I forget everything
It's you, only you and me on cloud 9

Come, feel me the way, only I can feel you
Wanna touch your lips and make my dream true
It's happening again, you're here near somewhere
Come hold me again and make it clear, that
We're gonna be together on my cloud 9
It's gonna last forever, on my cloud 9

But then,

I forgot to live, would you ever believe
I forgot to breath, just to watch you leave...

My life, my love and me on cloud 9
Pity... I want to leave, yet still on cloud 9.